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2 candidates trade barbs on issues of public safety

Flanked by police union leaders, Brown attacked Jordan for not moving more quickly to upgrade the city's 911Cool Grey Jordans emergency response system, which is plagued with technical problems despite installations of new computers this summer. An article in yesterday's Chronicle also reported that 911 dispatchers fail to answer 100 to 200 calls each day, roughly 10 percent of all received.

Jordan, meanwhile, criticized Brown's past legal work for people involved in the drug trade, along with his defeat of anticrime bills while Assembly speaker. Together, Jordan said, the incidents undercut Brown's pledge that if elected mayor he will crack down on drug dealers.

The mayor has raised the issue before, but this time he had visual props. Jordan stood next to Cool Grey Jordans a folding table that held a blunt pyramid of small bags filled with white flour. Altogether, the bags were said to weigh 700 pounds, representing the amount of cocaine handled by two Brown clients in the 1980s.

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"Willie Brown has tried to sweep this issue under the rug, Cool Grey Jordans but I don't know how you can sweep 700 pounds of cocaine under the rug," Jordan said. "His attempt to reinvent himself as a crimefighter is an insult to history."

Asked about problems with the 911 system, Jordan said he has doubled the 911 budget and hired new dispatchers. When computers break down, he said, dispatchers can log the calls by hand on slips of paper.

Jordan then questioned Brown's interest in the topic: "Cool Grey Jordans Not one time has he ever called me to discuss 911," either as mayor or when Jordan was police chief.

For his part, Brown was scornful of

"Obviously, Frank Jordan is working fulltime trying to divert attention from 911 and other (administration) shortcomings," jordan store Brown said. "There was an audit (of the 911 system) in 1993. This should not be a campaign issue."

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Appearing with Brown were representatives of police officers and dispatchers.jordan store They said the issue goes beyond whether or not calls come in; when a computer freezes up, dispatchers sometimes can only give an officer the address where a problem is located and no details of the problem.

"The system is woefully inadequate. . . . This is putting colleagues in jeopardy," said Luwanna Preston, business agent for the union local that represents dispatchers. The union has endorsed Brown.

"This is not something we can afford to dillydally on," Brown said. jordan store "Frank Jordan is the incumbent, and he hasn't done the job."

The city's emergency communications system has been riddled with problems for more than a decade. What moved the issue to prominence was the 1993 tragedy at 101 California, where a sniper killed eight people. Then, 911 breakdowns caused a delay in finding some of the victims.

Partly in response to this, voters last year approved a $60 million bond to build a jordan store special dispatch center. However, that project has fallen behind schedule and now is unlikely to open before the end of 1998.

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